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Samsung UE40B7000WW 40" screen
Samsung UE40B6000VW 40" screen
Samsung UE46B7020WW 46" screen
Samsung UE46B6000VW 46" screen
Samsung UE55B7020WW 55" screen
Samsung UE55B7000WW 55" screen
Sony KDL46X4500
Sony KDL55X4500

LED TVs offer much better contrast, richer, colours and will outshine any plasma or LCS tv out there.

They are the ultimate TV offering unrivalled quality of picture and are pretty as a picture.

Being wall mountable they can be used to display photos - some have built in galleries of art and photos whilst others you have to supply your own media. But think how amazing your TV would look displaying family photos!


What brands of LED TV are there?

* Logic
* Toshiba

LED TV reviews

information and help you need when deciding to buy a LED TV

What is a LED TV

In the olden days TVs were all CRT or cathode ray tube televisions. They have been in production since the very beginning of the TV era and use a large bulky picture tube. The rear end of which consists of a negative charged filament, which fires electrons out into the vacuum. Lots of magic stuff goes on before they hit phosphor coated screen of the monitor or television set. This entire process goes on a massive glass tube which is why old tvs were so huge.

We've had LCD tvs which are Liquid-crystal display televisions are television sets that use LCD technology to produce images.

LCD tv uses fluorescent backlighting lamps to illuminate the image on your TV screen.
These fluorescent lamps are constantly turned on which means that when your TV displays black it can sometimes appear greyish.

LED technology uses lots of LED backlights to illuminate the screen.

Because these lights can be turned off and on individually which means that blacks appear deeper and the contrast between light and dark colours is greatly improved.

In addition the much improved picture quality, the removal of bulky fluorescent tube lamps means they are much thinner than standard LCD TVs - with that Samsung 7 Series TVs measuring in at a super-slim 29.9mm.


What benefits do they have over other TVs?

They are thinner and use less electricity. They give a better picture too!

Samsung LED TVs are also mercury-free which is great for the environment.

What features do LED Tv have?

They come with a variety of features - all are HD ready, many have freeview built in so you're ready for the digital switch over and they have

What size TV should I get?

How far from your tv screen should sit? It depends on how big it is.

Screen Size in inches Min distance in m Max distance in m
32 1.2 2.4
37 1.4 2.8
42 1.6 3.2
46 1.75 3.5
50 1.9 3.8
58 2.2 4.4
65 2.5 5

Smaller LED TVs are now available, with models like the LOGIK L19LDVB19 18.5" HD Ready LCD TV having Built-in DVD Player too. These smaller TVs are great for places other than the lounge where you want to watch great TV. If you're after a new bedroom TV or one for your study then these smaller LED TVs are cheap enough to be affordable.

How to decide which LED TV is right for you?

It's down to your personal choice at the end of the day and of course your budget!

How do you tell what size the TVs are? If you compare a range of TVs like Sharp LC-40LE700E and a Sharp LC-32LE700E then you'll see that the letters are the same and it's the number after the LC that changes - this means one is a 40" and the other a 32"
So when you see very similar id codes for TVs they're by the same maker, probably the same series (Thats usually the last bit of the code ... so in these examples it's the 700e series) and the LC means it's a Sharp.
A samsung has a reference number like UE32B6000 - note the UE at the beginning followed by the size reference and then the last 4 numbers are the series identifyer.
Toshiba now have LED TVs with codes like 42SL9000 and 47SL9000 which gives us a clue that they are 42" and 47" TVs
LG TVs have LG at the front of their code - LG 32LE5900 is a 32 Incher and LG 19LE3300 is a 19" LED TV.

How big a screen should you have in your lounge? For lots of people a 40" screen is plenty big enough!

Features of LED TVs

Troubleshooting guide

LG 47SL9500 Full HD LCD TV - LED TV



The Samsung LE52F96BD is quite thick - 12cm - with what I think is quite ugly styling at the sides. I don't think it's as pretty as the other samsung models.


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