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Samsung UE40B7000WW 40" screen
Samsung UE40B6000VW 40" screen
Samsung UE46B7020WW 46" screen
Samsung UE46B6000VW 46" screen
Samsung UE55B7020WW 55" screen
Samsung UE55B7000WW 55" screen
Sony KDL46X4500
Sony KDL55X4500





Features of LED TV

The most noticeable feature of one of these brand new LED TVs is the thickness of the screen - or the lack of it. They are incredibly thin with many of the Samsung ones being only 29.4mm thick. This is tiny - only about 3 times thicker than my iphone! This slimness is a fantastic feature as they take up less room on a tv stand or can be hung just like a picture on the wall. This ability to look like a picture has certainly inspired the fantastic styling of them. They have smoth edges and soft curves and a clear edge to the frame giving it a fantasticly stylish look. Even if you don't want to wall hang it you will be able to appreciate it's stylish depth on it's tv stand. The bases are obviously wider but matching the same level of style as the surround.

They are not cluttered with buttons to control it, they have a very subtle control system which is touch button controls on the right hand side of the bottom section of frame. From your chair this is invisible and it's only when you get close to it you can see. This adds to the fantastic styling of the TV. It also means that the edges are smooth with no hidden buttons to be pressing that stick out slighty like most LED screens.

Some models have built in media - images and video which can be played from the controller allowing you to view artwork such as Monet's or video footage that shows off the HD and perfect picture.

The most important bit of the LED TV is the screen. They have fantastic resolution and offer the very best picture quality available on the market. The use of many LED lights to backlight the images means because they can be turned off and on individually then the picture colours can be much better and sharper than the mass lighting of traditional LCD Tvs.

The picture quality is really fantastic. You'll want to have HD TV with such high resolution screen and it's built in ready so you don't have to worry about that.

They all have a minimum of 4 HDMI slots so you can connect up all the different extras you need. This means you can connect up a satelite box, ps3 or xbox360, blue ray player and a tv recorder all using their own hdmi cable. THis is fantastic news for the techie gadget lovers who will have all of these and want the hassle free connectivity the 4 slots gives you.

HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface. This is a digital connection which allows fast, crystal-clear, all-digital audio and video via one cable.

The LED TVs all have a digital TV tuner in so you don't have to worry about being ready for the switchover. This means you get all the freeview channels without the need for adding a freesat or freeeview box.

Pixel resolution of 1920x1080 means you get the very best picture possible.

You can use them as a computer monitor too - making it a fantastic way to play PC games on the big screen!

They have a USB slot which can be used to show phtoographs of video on the tv. This is a great feature to have and turns your television into a great photo frame! It makes it ideal for showing the family holiday snaps off to friends too - as well as showing camcorder footage too! A great way to share family memories - and much better than sitting round a slide projector!




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