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Troubleshooting a LED TV

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Samsung UE40B7000WW 40" screen
Samsung UE40B6000VW 40" screen
Samsung UE46B7020WW 46" screen
Samsung UE46B6000VW 46" screen
Samsung UE55B7020WW 55" screen
Samsung UE55B7000WW 55" screen
Sony KDL46X4500
Sony KDL55X4500




What's wrong with it?

As always read the instruction book specific for your television. Don't hit them in anger or frustration. That won't work!

Thereis no picture or sound

Check it's plugged in and swithed on.

Check the aerial connection.

Connect the tv to the mains and press the power button on the tv. If it's in standby then press the tv on button as shown in your manual.

No picture or menu information - check you're using the right input model
Check the connection
Ghosting on the screen
Check the connections, check the aerial location. Check your aerial is still on your roof.
Only snow and white noise appear - check the aerial connection. Is the aerial still on your roof?
The picture is distored - check what play mode it's in - some programs in widescreen look funny - check the aerial again
Borders at side of screen - are you in 14:9 mode? - displays 14:9 broadcasts in the correct propertion - there may be a black border visbible
Sound not quite right - adjust fine tuning for channels


Most tv manuals come with a big troubleshooting section where they'll ask you all the obvious questions - like is it plugged in, is the aerial connected -


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